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The LG 37LG10-UM is a LCD TV with a screen size of 37.0 in and display format 720p

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TV will not turn on, no stanby light, no relays clicking.

Model # 50PJ550 (Not the model I picked for the headline but this model wasn't an option)

I have no standby power, no light, no relays clicking when I plug the TV in and hold the power button. I have 120V going to the power board. I tested all fuses, all are good. Diode D304 isn't testing good. I have current both ways. All other Diodes tested good. 2 out of 3 Power relays tested good (I dont have room to test the third) I have no output voltage going to the main board.

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Hi @ryanmarcotte ,

Here’s the service manual for the TV which may be of further help. Be patient as it takes a little while to go from processing to Download after you have passed the security test and clicked on Go to Download, below the Document preview box.

I don’t know the TV but you’re sure that D304 is not a zener diode, as these can conduct in both directions? Although normally they are designated as ZDxxx but not always. Just a thought

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From what I understood from comments on another site was that Diode should only let current travel one way, and if tested and the Diode is blown then I need to buy the repair kit suggested. It contains 3 power resistors, that Diode and one other component (I forget the name).


The difference is that I don't hear relays clicking and the screen doesn't turn on at all. No red light either. I do have 120V going to the power supply board, but no output Voltage.



Fair enough.

My comment re the diode was only in case it was an undesignated zener diode and not that it was one and that you may have been misled into thinking that it was bad.

If there is a repair "kit" available to me this indicates a known problem with the board so you may as well try it and check if it resolves the problem


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