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Repair and troubleshooting information for GE brand dishwashers.

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GE GDT695SGJ2BB fills with water but dont spray, wash dishes

my Dishwasher GE GDT695SGJ2BB acts weird, it fills with water but does not start the washing process. The arms do not rotate and the dishwasher sits like that to the end of the cycle. Then it just drains and heats in the end. It drains very well, I can see it in the Garbage Disposals. I found the tech sheet under the dishwasher and followed instructions from there. So, I entered the ERROR MODE. I found out that my HEATED DRY and LOCK LEDS are SOLID. This means that this is a Wash Temperature error. Which is weird. Then I entered SERVICE MODE. I did all 5 tests from the tech sheet. So I found out that I can not pass the Circulation pump test. It seems like this pump does not work. BUT I could pass the DRAIN PUMP test. Now I am confused. I thought that Drain Pump and Circulation Pump - is ONE pump. But anyway, if these are two devices, then I have to replace one of them. Anywhere I should look more, or this Circulation pump is an issue?

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So this happened again. It is stopped spraying water and wash dishes. I checked the circulation pump and it is very hard to spin the motor. I believe that the pump is bad and I have to replace it.


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Hi @kolfild22

Have you checked the temperature of the water supply to the dishwasher?

According to p.5 of the installation manual it says to “Adjust water heater for 120°F to 140°F temperature”.

There is also a heater element- part #101 body parts diagram which is used to raise the temperature but this can only raise it by some 20-40F.

I cannot find a temperature sensor or thermostat shown in the parts list so I’m not sure how the control board knows whether the temperature is correct or not or whether to turn on the heater also unless the heater is merely a ‘timed” event so to speak only when Heated dry or Wash Temp boost or Sani is selected. Maybe the tech sheet mentions about the water temperature?

Perhaps the heater element is checked to make sure that it is OK. Try using an Ohmmeter (disconnect power from the dishwasher) and check that the heater element has continuity and is not open circuit. Don’t know the resistance value but usually they are between 25-100 Ohms and definitely not open circuit.

Looking at the parts for your model there are two pumps, the circulation pump -part #310 - sump and motor mechanism diagram and the drain pump - part #325 - sump and motor mechanism diagram

Check if there is power getting to the circulation pump and if so check that the pump motor winding has continuity.

There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. This was only to show you the parts and their location. Just search for GDT695SGJ2BB parts

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When I was testing the heater was working. It heated the inside of the dishwasher. But I will test water connection. Maybe water does not come to dishwasher. And also I will test everything that you mention. thank you.

I am mostly thinking that the issue with the circulation pump #310, because when I started it, it did not make any noise and did not wash (water was in dishwasher already)


so, I pull out DW from the cabinet and put it on the side. I disconnected the power wire that goes to the circulation pump and also checked contacts. I remove the cover from the circulation pump and I tried to rotate the rotor. It was moving slow. After that, I return everything back and Install DW in its place. I did a test and the DW is working. I guess, there was something with contacts.


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