No charge, no power when plugged in. Low voltage on board

Lenovo 500e. Charge light does not come on, does not turn on with power supply plugged, or when power is plugged and battery is disconnected. Has two USBC charging ports, when the port on the daughter board is plugged in, I cant find any points that have 11v, but when I probe one point on the daughter board I get 5v, but the regular USB port will not power anything I put into it. When I probed a mosfet on the mother board, I get 1.2v, and when I plug the USBC into the port on the other side, I get no voltage on that point on the daughter board, and I get .7v on that mosfet. Looked up the data sheet for the mos (B09N03R) its max voltage is 20V (leads me to assumethat there is a loss of power somewhere). And with the battery unplugged, I get 1.6v on the positive battery connector pin(with the usbc plugged to the daughter board), and with the usbc plugged to the other port its like .7v. I thought this was going to be an easy battery replacement, but I even peeled the film back and checked each cell and the battery has 11v. So there is definitely something going on with the mother board. I Have an SMT soldering station, so I can replace parts, but I cannot find a board view or a schematic for this computer. I have some electrical knowledge, and soldering skills, but I am not familiar with board repair, so not having a schemeatic lead me to here to ask what should my next steps be? Thanks!

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Hi @nik1234 ,

Did you look for the schematic using the motherboard's "board number"? (printed on the motherboard itself)

Just a thought.


I tried looking up some of the numbers on the board, but perhaps I could delve deeper into that, thanks!


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