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The Kenmore Direct Drive is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Loading Washing Machine will not spin

Sears Kenmore Elite. Replaced Shaft & Shock absorbers several months ago & cleaned. Then worked perfectly for several months. Very smooth compared to other washers over last 50 years we have had. Other than a very slight (nothing) clunk about every 5 seconds like clock work. Washes beautifully. Drains perfectly fine. Tub rotates & goes up & down manually. But when it comes to spin, after just a few seconds like clockwork gets UL error, even though it is spinning as smoothly as ever. What could be wrong with this thing?

Update (12/29/2020)

@mayer This is getting ridiculous. I have responded five times now & the computer keeps claiming I am spam. It looks like the computer must have deleted my response I sent to you about an hour ago or so & again a few minutes ago & then again. It keeps claiming I am spam. Don't get me started. Here it is yet again. Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Model #110.28032701

I am going to try just putting my response to you here, rather than responding directly to you. I hope you receive it in good order.

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Please give us your specific model number


Hi @dorry

Yes sometimes the iRobot thinks that a long string of numbers is spam e.g. a phone number perhaps.

I don't know why as it seems to be random in this regard. Sometimes yes other times no

Just verifying that when you replaced the shaft, did you replace the bearings as well?


@jayeff No problem, don't get me started, especially as you all needed those numbers understandably.

Please pardon me for leaving out that important detail. Yes, when I replaced the shaft & shock absorbers several months ago, we replaced the bearings too as part of the shaft operation. The machine started running much smoother again & still runs very smooth, no shaking, etc. But will not spin & keeps thinking washer is Un-Level. Believe me, it is not. I & others have checked for levelness every which way but loose, but it still shuts down when time to do the final spin.


@jayeff Thank you again for all your help, I really appreciate it. Well, I finally got to take a closer look at it & hopefully I have it repaired, at least for now. It felt like the bolt with the 1/4" Allen head at the very bottom with the Nylon fitted washer that holds what I believe is a rotor or stator cover, was loose. The hard, fitted nylon washer was also split. I don't know how you would get a new washer to fit back over that thing, at least while it is cold & it looks like Sears & Roebuck no longer have the part & cannot refer me to anyone. I just went ahead & put it back on for now & lubricated it with some plumbers lube to not damage it any more. I then put it back on & tightened it up a bit more. Now the washer spins & completes the cycle, so that is good & I should not complain. However, it does seem to shake much more than before now, though, which seems odd. I am not sure what to say about that. I better just keep my mouth shut since it now works. Thank you again for all your help.


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Hi @dorry ,

Don’t know if this will be a help or not and I’m not 100% certain that it is the correct one but here’s the tech sheet for the washer.

Was thinking perhaps that if you used it to get into the diagnostic test mode for the washer that perhaps it may give another clue as to what is happening.

Apologies if you’ve already have it or if it is not the one for your model.

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@jayeff Thank you, we will give it a shot & see what we can come up with. Were you ever able to get the model number? I tried to provide it again, but not sure if the machine kicked it out again. I might could try writing it out if not, but just not the same as the numbers.



I'm a moderator on this forum so I'm able to "see" all posts that have been deleted by the iRobot that users such as yourself cannot see ;-)

I reopened one of your deleted comments and moderated it as an update to your question so that it wouldn't be buried in the comments and be missed

The model number is now up in the "Updated" post to your question.

Also was wondering if the problem "may" be with the rotary position sensor.

The link is only to show where it is located and the approx.cost as there are other suppliers. Just search for "110.28032701 parts" to get results

According to the link it ".... helps to ensure the load of clothing stays balanced during the wash cycle.", but I was wondering if perhaps as the spin is more "robust" it may play a part with this as well and it may be losing"contact" with the stator so it thinks that the load is unbalanced or the machine is not level etc, although maybe I'm getting it mixed up with the OL code


@jayeff Thanks a billion. I am going to look at that too as soon as I can. Bogged down by work, etc. right now though Thank you for all your help & we hope that you have a nice new years celebration & a much better new year.



Thank you.

All the best for 2021.

Stay safe and healthy



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