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Water fixtures and their piping, as well as the myriad of components that keep them flowing.

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Need info on who to get hot water

I recently was ripped off by a plumber who left his job converting from a tub to a shower half done. He left the shower handle off that turns the water on and hot and cold. I put on the handle and no matter where its placed, it only turns 1/4 of the way and doesnt get hot. Got any ideas how to fix this? Help!!!

Update (12/28/2020)

To wade johnson, its a brand new delta handle. Everything is new.

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Thanks so much for the information. I got ripped off for $2,000 from my so called plumber but my brother came to my rescue although hes no plumber. This fixed the problem. You guys are great and a lifesaver.


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Any idea what brand the faucet is?

If it is a new install there possibly is a cartridge that was installed incorrectly, then it will need adjustment as Ed said. Most faucets have the ability to adjust the stops to control maximum temperature that exits the faucet.

If it is a faucet that was reused, it is possible that the cartridge needs replaced. That is easy enough to do with a bit of research.

Just a word of caution, if you are looking at replacing the cartridge, make sure the water supply to the faucet is off.

Update (12/28/2020)


Here is the web site for Delta, the link link below will take you to the instructions for setting the temperature control.

A bit of searching on YouTube will also give you some visual aid.

Good luck.

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The bonnet nut and or stop needs adjustments

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