HP OMEN 15-ax008ns turning off immediately

I got a HP Omen 15-ax008ns that turns on for 1 second and then turns off again. The power button lights up really quick and you can hear the HDD click once or twice and then it turns off. The fans do not spin at all.

I got the laptop for free and Im trying to restore it. Charger is new and the battery and the power connector cable have been tested and work correctly. I’ve bought new RAM and tried multiple HDD, and still it just ‘‘turns on’’ real quick and then off again.

I’ve inspected the motherboard and I can’t find anything suspicious or burned chips anywhere, so now I’m stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Have you reset the BIOS by disconnecting the CMOS battery and discharging all power?



Yes I tried that, and changed out the CMOS battery as well.

I am suspecting the ns892407 transistor.

Which I think is for the voltage distribution, but Im not sure.


@Reimar Sigurbjörnsson

What is the motherboard's board number?

I found this schematic which may help IF it is applicable.

If it is applicable then p.40 has the charging circuit which may be a good place to start

If it is not the correct one then search online using the board number of your laptop


I have this same problem, but I caught it before the battery fully died. I plug in the power connector cable and get a half second light at the jack, but no charging. Did one of you figure out the issue with yours?


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