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Asus 2-in-1 Q505UA - 15.6" FHD Touch - 8th Gen i5-8250U - 12GB - 1TB HDD - Silver

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Need to replace the battery

Hi. Is it possible to buy and replace the battery for this device without having to send it in to Asus? You have to pay a fee to send it then wait for an estimate. Stores don’t have a battery in stock and it is supposedly connected to the motherboard, which I’ve never heard of before.

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Asus Q505UA-BI5T7 Back Cover Replacement

All you need is a small Philips screw driver and old plastic credit cards for prying.


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Hi @zumbaidol

Nowadays a lot of laptop batteries are internally housed in the laptop case and connected to the motherboard as they don’t want the user to be able to easily replace them as before when they were inserted into the laptop from the outside.

Replacement batteries are available online. Just search for Asus Q505UA-BI5T7 battery to get results for suppliers

I couldn’t find a guide for your particular model but have found this teardown video for an Asus Q504U which may be of some help. The battery is removed within the first 3 minutes

Be aware that even though the laptop is off, there is still power available at certain points on the motherboard (unless the battery is totally dead of course). Disconnect the battery as soon as it is accessible to minimize any electrical problems

Try not to touch anything that you shouldn’t, (wear a wriststrap connected to earth to avoid ESD damage) and do not short out anything when using tools etc. The laptop power button is not a power isolating button. It merely signals to the BIOS/OS what the user wants to happen. Think of the laptop as being in an extremely low power state when off and not totally disconnected from any power.

Good luck with the repair

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Thanks for the reply! Once I complete the process, I'll post back here. Need to get a device to safely remove my bottom cover before I order the battery.



Hi David,

Asus Q505UA-BI5T7 Back Cover Replacement

All you need is a small Philips screw driver and old plastic credit cards for prying.


I got my battery and replaced it today. Thank you so much for the solution...perfect! The battery cost less than the fee just to send it in before any action was taken to replace it.



Thanks for the feedback.

Just to verify that the battery you installed is OK create a Win 10 battery report to check the status of the battery.

Check design capacity versus full charge capacity values to see that they are the same or nearly the same. Apologies if you knew about this already.


Thank you for this tip! I was not aware...


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