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Km280 runs at full speed

I have a Kenwood KM280 and it’s only running at full speed - I opened the mixer up and it looks like something has burned up on the circuit board but as I’m no electrician thought I’d ask here. Will I need to replace the whole circuit board?

Here is a closeup photo

Block Image

Update (11/17/2020)

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your responses - apologies for not replying before now.

I think my issue is that I’m not at all technical when it comes to electronics - we live in France and the local electronic repair guy wants 50€ just to open it - he said a minimum 3 hours work + the piece to repair / replace - sounds like I might be better getting a new mixer.

Thanks everyone for their replies and help - community spirit is great !!!!


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Hi @bencolly ,

It may be more of a case of what circuit the 3 x 1.1K Ohm resistors are feeding rather than the resistors themselves. I think that the colour bands on the resistors are brown, brown, red, silver = 1100 Ohms 10% tolerance i.e. -/+ 110 Ohms but my eyes aren’t that good anymore. Size wise they appear to have a 1W (watt) power rating.

They certainly look like they got hot but maybe they're not faulty.

You would need to unsolder and remove one side of the resistor from the board and then measure its' resistance to find out. Do this for each one.

It could be the speed selector switch or the motor perhaps (windings?) that is the problem, causing excess current to flow through them making them hot.

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