Whirlpool WRF992FIFM00 Ice Maker makes ice intermittently

Let’s see what you all think:

I have a Whirlpool WRF992FIFM00 French door refrigerator. When I turn the ice maker on at the switch:

# I can hear the arm drop down to check for the bucket being full

  1. I can hear the solenoid open and water flow for the 1st cycle
  2. I can hear ice dump, and witness the magical results of the 1st ice cycle
  3. on the second to 1000th cycle, I can hear the arm bar drop and I can hear the solenoid coil energize, but I do not hear water flow.

If I shut off the ice maker at the built in switch and leave it off for several hours, when I turn it back on the cycle repeats. 1 load of ice and then seemingly infinite loads of no ice.

Before you tell me to check my water pressure, I did. I took the ¼ inch plastic line tapped into a cold water pipe and replaced it with a larger feed directly off of a valve box. My house pressure is over 35 lbs on average, and I am getting that to the fridge.

The interior valve for the water dispenser and ice maker is a dual valve, the solenoid / valve for the water dispenser works fine and has plenty of pressure.

Before I replace a fairly expensive dual valve, I’d love to hear what thoughts anyone has.

Thank you in advance!

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