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The Asus X751MA-DH01TQ is a black laptop that contains a 17.3 inch HD with touch screen capability, 8 GB Ram, and a 1 TB hard drive built in.

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Replacement Hinge and rear lcd panel

Where can I find replacement hinges and a replacement rear lcd panel? I have tried to find replacement parts for this laptop but have been unsuccessful. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Here are the lists of the Asus part numbers for the LCD left and right hinges and the LCD cover for your laptop.

If you search online using the part number only, there are results for other suppliers if you don’t want to use the supplier in the links above.

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With major parts, it’s usually more practical to buy a junk laptop with the parts you need and then keep the rest for parts, especially for LCD assembly issues. With a lot of these, there’s often hinge and back cover damage. Most of the time I add up the cost of parts for major work like this I can buy the whole laptop with a lot of missing parts because it’s got a major fault for very similar prices as I would for just the bare parts - if I’m paying more, I have a use for the rest of it.

See if you can find a similar laptop to yours since the specs do not need to match in terms of the motherboard if it’s dead, and negotiate it down to a price you’re okay with. Once you find the donor, take the parts off you need and transplant your good LCD, webcam and LVDS cable.

CAUTION WHEN BUYING A DONOR: In some cases, the donor has much better options that if you can verify it’s perfectly functional or needs a minor repair, take what you need and part ways with the original device. I have a few of those where I’m parting with the previous device if it has a serious issue and moving my SSD and RAM over. I would not hesitate to part ways with my LVDS HD 4600 (IGP) E6440 in favor of the HD 4600+8690M (dual GPU) I came to own due to cross part compatibility negligence.

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