Laptop wont get power from battery


I have a Gateway laptop (NV56R14u)

The problem I'm facing is, that it wont get power from the battery. It's a new battery which when I first installed it, everything worked fine.

However, after some time the laptop just wouldn't power on from the battery, even though the battery is fully charged. Laptop powers up OK when connected to the power adaptor.

Would really like some guidance on this, pls.

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Hi @bizres ,

How long did the battery work for before it wouldn't turn on the laptop, days, weeks, months ?

What OS is installed?

If Win 10 installed, create a Win 10 battery report to check the status of the battery.


It worked about 2-3months.

Linux Mint is the OS


Does the laptop power on when you plug it into the charger?


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