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Le Pan mini broken charging port

Hello I have the lepan mini tablet TC802A . I can no longer charge it since the pins are all bent and flattened in the charging port. I was wondering if there's any other way to charge it? If anyone knows I'd like to know about how much it costs to usually repair it I called Staples, and Office Depot. Both of them do not repair that brand of tablet. Should I learn how to try and fix it myself or look into getting it fixed somewhere? I don't even know if it would cost more than the tablet did. I paid $40 on eBay and it was brand new in the box. Thank you

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Hi @socalady ,

If it was “brand new in the box” and it came with flattened pins contact the seller about the problem.

If this occurred afterwards then the tablet would need to be opened and the charge port will have to be replaced.

I can’t find a user manual for the tablet but I assume that it has a micro USB type charge port. If this is the case you would need smd (surface mount device) soldering skills and tools to do the repair. There are videos on YouTube that show how to replace smd type USB connectors on a circuit board.

If it has a 30 pin connector then the procedure is the same

The difficulty will be in getting the correct replacement part as there are numerous micro USB smd type connectors. They differ in where their “mounting lugs” are situated on the body of the connector. These lugs are soldered to pads on the circuit board to hold the connector in place whilst the connector’s pins are what are used to charge and provide the signalling connections. Look on places such as Ebay etc to find the micro USB connector that has the same lug positions.

I cannot find a video online that shows how to disassemble your particular tablet but here are the ifixit Le Pan II Repair guides which may help as they give an idea of what is involved in opening a tablet to gain access to the charge port.

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