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Wherever you go, bring some big beats with you. The SRS-XB10 is easy to carry and gives your music some extra bass.

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cracking sound from the speaker

cracking sound is coming in medium and high volume of speaker and when the speaker gives up bass

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Down speaker damage change a parts

=== Update (11/15/2020) ===

Hello bass speaker change


Where am i supposed to get the new bass diaphragm for replacement?


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@kuleshwar could be a bad speaker coil or ripped speaker cone. You will have to take it apart and check the speaker separately. Of course there is always the chance that this is a bad amplifier (IC or circuit) again you won’t know until you check. Take a look on here for a teardown. After that post some good pictures of your pieces with your QUESTION so we can see what you see and possibly help you further.

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this happened to my sister it was just water damage

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Same issue with my srs-xb10.

I’ve opened it just to found its actually the speaker itself having tear within its diaphragm. Sigh

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Hi i had the same problem that you, my speaker was cracked on my SRS-XB10. I tried fixing it with some Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue but it didn't work because there were many cracks and the speaker was just good for the trash.

I found one seller on Aliexpress that sells a 52mm speaker that looks almost exactly like the original Sony SRS-XB10 speaker and weights the same so probably the same Power. I ordered it, replaced the broken speaker with the new one (perfect fit) and it works like a charm, I didn't notice any major sound difference.

If you are interested the Aliexpress seller is "SOTAMIA Overseas Store" and search for "52mm 10W 4 Ohm Speaker"


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