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Repair and disassembly guides for microwave ovens.

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Samsung microwave oven turns ON when door closes

I have seen many issues with the microwaves failing to turn on when the door is closed. Small twist on that theme -> Our microwave ALWAYS turns ON when the door closes. If there is nothing programmed for cooking time the unit just hums away (and heats!) after shutting the door. I also tested the unit by programming a cook time (1 minute 45 seconds) at power level 2 to see what happens to a cup of water- it was hot as if the microwave operated at full power. During timed operation the microwave turntable spins and the light is on. After the timer finishes the turntable stops, the light turns off and the unit hums away and continues heating. Opening the door stops the klystron and turns on the light. Seems that the power level cannot be changed.

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Hi @tumma ,

What is the model number of the microwave oven?

The door interlock switches prevent the oven from turning on when the door is open and it shouldn’t operate until the control board starts it. So it appears that it may be a control board issue. Sticking relay contacts perhaps if the control board has relays on it of course

Be safety aware when working on a microwave. The voltage stored in the HV capacitor (>6000V DC) can cause serious injury and the capacitor needs to be correctly discharged before commencing any work inside the oven once the cover is removed. This voltage can be stored for months even if the oven has not been connected to the power for that length of time

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The model is ME17H703SHS/AC and is rated for 1000W output max.

Could be a sticking relay. I haven’t taken it apart yet. Good suggestion.


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