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The 2nd Gen Huawei Watch is an Android smartwatch released in 2017, also known as Huawei Watch 2 Classic LEO-BX9. Model number: Leo-B19.

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How can I take off the sensor from the back plate when opened?

I have to change the backside of my Huawei Watch 2 because of burned out connections for charging.

I opened my Watch 2 and there is a cable going from the mainboard to the sensors of the backplate. I have to take off the sensors from the backplate and have to put it to the new backplate.

But I have no idea how to do it. Mybe with heat? It is very hard do take it off without damage

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See the battery replacement guide - Sostituzione gruppo della batteria Huawei Watch 2

Step 7. Looks like the ribbon cable pops off at the connector.

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I have the same problem. The battery tutorial doesn't help. The question is not how to loosen the ribbon cable, that's easy.

Block Image

The question is how to remove the sensor and other parts from the old back cover (right on the photo) to the new back cover (left on the photo).

Anyone know how to do this?

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I managed to loosen the magnet (the block at the botton) by prying at the edges between the plastic which is part of the back cover (the one that is already on the new one) and the piece.

The black plastic dots holding the pulse sensor plate in the center seem to be molded, so I wedged a tool under the metal place and “broke” it off. It then fits on the unmolded plastic pins on the new back cover. HOWEVER, my watch is showing "Tighten band and keep wrist still and level. Try again” when I try to measure my pulse. So apparently even after multiple tries I failed to properly fix it to the new back cover …

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For the sensor, I also initially had the error message, that the wrist band has to be tightened: I forgot to transfer the ring from the old back that is around the three "windows" with two golden contacts to the new back. After this, it works like charm!


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I had the same Problem.

You will need to break the four black points, take it off (there is a square ring of adhesive for the middle sensor, that you will scratch off). The new backplate had a new adhesive ring, and there are four black pins, where the new sensor is mounted on. And with heat (I used a solder iron), you can melt the pins and they will then hold the sensor in place, the same way the old plate did.

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