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Ultra-compact, high-end camera released in July 2006, identified by model number DMC-FX07.

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Lumix DMC-FX12 Water damage

So recently i dropped my Lumix DMC-12 into water, i immediately retreived it and removed the battery so fast i was confused and wondering what did i do? afterwards.

I left it in front of my heater to dry for 24 hours, i even opened it up to dry the internals with a very soft cloth and unused toothbrush.

When i powered it on the lens kept going in and out until i got a “Please turn your camera off then on again” message, i did so and it still kept happening, when it turned off the lens were out instead of in.

i was messing with it when i finally got it to work, idk if it was becausee i pushed it off my desk or that i held the lens when shutting down so it dont come out, but whatever i did it fixed that issue but there was still condensation in the lcd and lens, i opened up the camera and cleaned the lcd then left it front of my heater again to dry the lens, when i finally dried the inside of the lens it didnt give me any video, just black (and occasinal glitches) And the audio in anything i record is gone, the Lens looks okay when i opened it up and i dont know how to dissasemble the camera enough to access the broken parts therefore i have no idea how to fix it.

If you know any online guides and/or any websites where i can get replacement parts for cheap, Pleae, please, PLEASE! Give me the links.

im begging you! Plz help me fix this thing!

thanks for any help you can give me

Edit: Heres a picture of my issue:

Block Image

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Hi @theandroidkid,

Bit confused but there are no images in the LCD display and no audio also when taking movies but you can still view the camera’s menu options in the LCD display? Presumably then there are no images or movies with sound if you download them to a computer and try to view them there, is this about right?

If so there may be two problems.

One is that the CCD image sensor may be damaged etc. Here’s a video that may help to gain access to the sensor so that it can be checked etc. Also found this video which shows how to replace the LCD display in your camera which may also help, at least in opening the camera, if the first video is not relevant to your model.

The other is either with the microphone or the motherboard being damaged by the water. Cleaning it with a soft cloth may not have been enough and perhaps it needed to be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available at electronics parts stores) to remove any contaminants that are in the water. Removing the battery was a good first step but corrosion can still occur due to the galvanic effect between the water and the different metals in a camera. The corrosion is ongoing until it has been properly cleaned away.

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Okay, when I say the image is blank, I mean when I take pictures or videos the camera doesn't record anything, just black, and silence.

Anyway, I have used a wipe containing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol.

I'm guessing that since the speaker is still functioning the microphone itself is broken.

And when I tried opening it up to clean any moisture out of the lens it did nothing, still gave me the same thing.

I thank you for your help, though


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