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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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Intermittent Circulation Pump Activity

I have a whirlpool du1100xtpt9 whose circulation pump had been deteriorating for years, it was obviously failing and was getting louder and louder until it finally died. I ordered and replaced the pump (WPW10757217) and it worked fine for about half a dozen loads. Then, when starting a cycle, the machine would fill with water, but the circulation pump would only make a faint humming sound without circulating any water. I was informed that its likely a blockage somewhere, but I checked both the interior drain and reseated the pump to check the connection there too. No blockage detected. I decided to run a test cycle to see what would happen and it ran perfectly fine. Once. Since then I’ve had the same results as before… washer fills with water, pump emits a faint hum, but does not circulate water.

Any ideas?

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Did you ever figure out the issue I’m having the same problem after installing the new pump and motor as well


Sorry, no. I ended up getting a used oem pump off ebay and replaced the new production headache that was producing this issue. Still going strong


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Did the replacement pump come with a new run capacitor - part #26 Pump and Motor parts?

Usually a hum emanating from a motor means that there is not enough current flowing to start the motor turning.

This could be due to faulty windings (unlikely as it is a new pump) or a bad capacitor or bad (loose?) capacitor connections.

Looking at an image of the pump motor the capacitor is mounted on the motor itself. You said that you checked the connections. Did you check the capacitor connections as well? Do you still have the old pump with the capacitor still attached? Perhaps if you swapped the old capacitor in and try that to see if the pump starts.

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Yes, the new motor included a capacitor. I did disconnect and reconnect the wiring harness when I pulled the pump out though, if there was a loose connection perhaps I temporarily fixed it? I’ll check if there is a connection problem


Hi @Mondian

The capacitor is "hard wired' to the motor and is not directly connected through the harness where the power is supplied to the motor. It's connections are internal although it can be replaced as the wires come out of the motor housing to the capacitor.

Looking at the images of the motor in the parts supply it is on the other side away from where the harness would be


After some trial and error I've determined that it wasn't the capacitor, but rather the impeller seizing up. After removing the pump I noticed it would not spin freely. I rotated it manually and there quite some resistance and a bit of scraping before it spun freely again. I tried a couple of times and after reinstalling it would operate normally for up to one full wash cycle before seizing again. Perhaps there is some debris within obstructing normal operation? According to the schematic, it seems like the shaft is threaded on the impeller end, but I wasn't quite able to figure out how to remove the impeller assembly to check what was causing the issue. Any advice on how to do so?



Here's a link that has a video that shows how to remove/replace the impeller assembly and seal.


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Check you have your drain hose loop up high it is not blocked the one that runs from dishwasher to drain pipe under your sink

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