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This flagship ZBook is HP ultimate laptop for those who need desktop performance on the go. Edit multiple content streams, manipulate complex data and develop in virtual reality - all on an impressive 17-inch diagonal screen. (HP Description)

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Bad auto bios update!

I have a hp Zbook 17 G6 that I needed to restart to finish an installation but it decided to do a bios update and kill the system is there anything I can do? I tried holding the Power button for 40 sec and I also tried win+b

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Hi @mcofficalplays

If the laptop won’t turn on or start etc, try resetting the BIOS to its factory default settings by performing a power refresh. Hopefully this area in BIOS hasn’t been corrupted.

Here’s the procedure:

Disconnect the charger to the laptop if connected.

Remove the main battery from the laptop.

Remove the RTC battery from the motherboard. Note the orientation of the coin cell battery. Usually it is +ve on top.

Press and hold the laptop’s Power button for 30 seconds then release.

Reinsert the RTC battery.

Reinsert the main battery.

Reconnect the charger and try to turn on the laptop.

Hopefully it will turn on, at least far enough to get into BIOS.

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop. Go to p.35 to view the steps to remove/replace the main battery and to p.72 for the RTC battery.

If it starts and you can get in BIOS OK but has trouble booting into Windows try the following (assuming that Win 10 is installed):

Turn on the laptop.

When it start to boot into Windows press and hold the Power button until the laptop shuts down.

Do this 3 times in a row i.e. start >boot > force shutdown > start > boot > force shutdown etc.

On the 3rd attempt it should boot into the Windows Recovery Environment menus.

If it does then go to Troubleshoot > Advanced > Startup repair and follow the prompts. Be aware that if you select Reset this PC and then select the wrong option after this you can erase all your data as Windows will be reinstalled.

If it doesn’t boot into the WRE menus try using a Windows 10 USB recovery disc to repair the startup.

The recovery USB can be created from any known working Win 10 PC. All you need is an 8GB USB flashdrive and 40-60 minutes of time.

In the host PC go to Control Panel > Recovery > Create a recovery drive and follow the prompts.

When you have the USB recovery drive, start the laptop and then get into BIOS and change the boot order to USB 1st boot option. Also enable the Legacy USB (or CSM - not sure with your laptop) setting in BIOS, save the changes, insert the USB into the laptop and then restart the laptop.

When the laptop starts it should boot into the WRE menus loaded from the USB drive. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced > Startup repair and follow the prompts.

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This fixed itself after about 4 hrs when I tried win+b for like the 20th time and it is now running! Thank you for your help!


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