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I need my PC restored, the 20 inch screen replaced and bezel...

My 20 Inch ho hdx pavillion 20 inch laptop needs repair, the bezel is cracked and I want the screen replaced also if possible i want windows 10 give me a price on a complete restoration a.d the parts I listed HERE if you repaired it.

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The problem is parts are going to be rare and expensive for this, since it’s a niche product. Just searching for a screen is coming up blank on eBay, nor can I find a parts machine. I’m not surprised since there has to be no way these sold in large numbers, which makes parts hard to find and expensive. I have never seen one of these in the wild.

As far as installing Win10… I wouldn’t recommend it. These shipped with Vista, so you will need a new Win10 license, or a 7 license and then do the upgrade, so there is no clear path like a factory 7/8 system. The second shot in the foot is this is on the HP Retired Product list, which I was genuinely afraid of because I seen the Vista sticker so you’d need to get the drivers elsewhere. The final nail is 10 doesn’t always work out on these early machines, especially early Vista hardware. The component vendors consider the parts in these EOL, so you’re playing Russian roulette and potentially burning a good Win10 license if you activate it before making sure.

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To add to the answer, here's a page from the service manual that shows the display assembly part numbers for the various components.

If you search online using the part number only in the search term, there are suppliers for the parts required.

They are not cheap!


@jayeff I was thinking this is one of those "unrepairables" due to the parts cost alone, but the part numbers confirm it. $165 for a screen - YIKES! $208 for the bezel - DOUBLE YKES! The only company I found is Impact Computers which is the CDW of legacy equipment price wise.

I seen this coming as soon as I seen the screen size was 20". My rule is if you can't find the parts on eBay with a open ended search term, that's a red flag. This is a scrap and run machine. To clarify why I consider no/poor eBay availability an issue for parts, that's because that's your early warning it wasn't a hot seller.



I agree, along with the Win 10 license (and potential OS problems) this machine is EOL and not worth it


@jayeff If you had another one because someone gave you two and you wanted to tinker around with it by building one good one (under appropriate expectations!) that's fine but we wouldn't hear about it in Answers since the game plan is known - run if the screen components are bad. Restoration like the OP wants to do? No. This belongs in a parts lot. The story would be way different if the OP wanted to experiment with 10 - use the eval install and check it for a good month to see before buying a (transferrable!) license.

You can buy a modern business laptop for the money involved here direct from the manufacturer - even if it's 1-2 generations old! AND it will come with a Win8 license at the bare minimum at this point if it's off-lease, so you could reserve your spot to install 10 later like I did with my E6540 when it worked from 7 Pro.

If anything, this is exactly what good money thrown at bad looks like in real life.


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About install win 10,i did fresh install win10 pro,find any drivers,exept tv tuner ,give ssd and my hdx works great!

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