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Repair information for the HP Pavilion gaming laptop with model number 15-cx0xxx.

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Screen Wobble needs fixing Pavilion 15-cx

Having a loose screen hinge is uncomfortable and terrifying. Any suggestions or DIY capabilities?

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Have the same issue and it has lifted the screen from the frame, HP is saying the issue is not under warranty as we must be opening the computer from the side of the screen and stressing that hinge.. So, they won't cover this under warranty. Utter bullshit. Only 10mths old. Stay away from HP.


We have some of these in our company after 4 years all of 5 laptops have been returned with the exact same issue. All outside of waranty of course


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Here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage

Go to p.64 to view the procedure to remove the display assembly. Part of the procedure is to removes the hinges. You may be able to tighten them sufficiently if they are just loose - maybe some threadlocker - info only to make sure that they stay fast.

If the hinges are faulty on p.20 Item #5 you will find the part numbers for the hinges. Search online using the part number only to find suppliers.

If the post where the hinge screws into is broken you may either have to replace the top cover or contrive a way to use a nut and bolt arrangement to hold the hinge securely in place

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I plan on using this video on youtube from HP Support and found a part on ebay that was in-country and plan on replacing it myself. For me it was the housing the hinges screw into and it was a refurbished device so no luck on a warranty. Search terms I used on ebay was for “hp pavilion 15-cx back cover” and “hp pavilion 15-cx lcd hinges to back cover rear lid screws” you might also need the hinges, if so I would just search for “hp pavilion 15-cx hinges

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