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Il Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15ABR è un laptop di classe consumer perfetto per le operazioni di tutti i giorni.

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My Laptop Screen Is Undergoing Some Weird Issue

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320 that is undergoing some kind of issue on the screen. The screen turns all black and white. I already disassemble the whole notebook and tried the following.

Moving or touching the flex cable seems to do nothing at all.

Already disconected and connected all the cable conectors and the problem persists.

Flexing/Twisting the screen, or making pressure on the lower cornes back seem to solve the issue. Sometimes is the slightest touch that fixes it, other times you need to apply some extra pressure.

Here are some videos demonstrating the issue.

My main concern is wether should I replace de flex cable or the screen panel itself, since I dont want to expend the extra cash on a new panel If that wont solve the problem.

Sorry for bad english, let me know if I can explain anything better.

Thanks everyone in advance!

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I looked at the video and would say it is the cable.


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Hi @narrownico,

Maybe you should first check the cable connection to the display again to see if it is OK or not.

Looking at the hardware maintenance manual for an Ideapad 320 (you didn’t specify the model so assumed it was a 320-15 abr) where you’re pressing on the lid is where the cable from the motherboard is connected to the LCD panel. See p.62 onwards.

If it appears to be OK then once you determine which part may be faulty or which one you want to try first then use this link to find the part number for the part. Once you have the part number, search online using the part number to get results for suppliers. At least this way you will know the cost of the parts to help make a decision

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Okey, I already ordered the new screen panel. Will post with an update as soon as I get it replaced. Thank you for your detailed answer. The only one I got in a couple forums I posted the thread.


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