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The Maytag model LDE8604ACE is a gas dryer produced by Maytag.

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Why is my dryer dead


Last night when I went to put my clothes in the dryer my light on the inside wasn't on. I closed the door and push the buttons to see if it would work and nothing happened. I unplugged the dryer and plugged it back in and nothing. I checked the breaker and it wasn't tripped. So I turned the breaker off for a few seconds then back on, still nothing. Can you please help.

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Check if the thermal fuse has operated. (part #10 - motor drive parts diagram)

If the fuse has blown it will have to be replaced.

Be aware that there is always a reason why a fuse may blow e.g. if the hi-limit thermostat is faulty and allows the dryer to get too hot then the thermal fuse will operate to prevent a fire from occurring. I’m not suggesting that there is a problem with the thermostat, just that the thermal fuse is the backstop in case anything goes wrong.

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