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The TDK Life on Record A33 is a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker. It was released in 2012 and is now discontinued.

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Sound cutting in and out

My A33 was dropped..a few times. After the 3rd accident, sound cuts in/out sporadically with the speaker stationary. I might need to go deep inside to check out connections (power on indicator never waivers and Bluetooth connectivity appears solid). I’ve tried shaking it while playing some tunes and that doesn’t make a difference. Ideas on what the problem may be? Is it possible to fully disassemble to check the circuit boards?

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Hi @rwenner007 ,

Does this occur when using the aux in connection as well as the BT connection?

If only on BT it might be the aux in jack.

Not sure whether the BT audio comes through the jack contacts and is disconnected when a cord is inserted or whether the jack uses a contact to signal the audio controller to switch inputs when a cord is inserted but still maybe worth a check anyway

Here’s the ifixit TDK Life on Record A33 guide which may help to gain access to the internal components

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