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Repair guides and disassembly information for the fourth-generation Mac Pro, released in December of 2019.

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2019 Mac Pro 7,1 - Thunderbolt card?

I need to add TB2 or TB3 ports. Anyone have success with an add-on card?

PS: Should iFixit split the MacPro forum into 3 separate ones for the cheese grater, trash can and the new one?

Update (04/11/2020)

I have the 12-core with basic graphics - so only the Apple I/O 2 port card and the 2 ports on top - which I want to use to run to hubs. I need at least two more TB ports for a bunch of daisy-chained SSD enclosures which now are spread across the 4 ports on my trash can Mac. I am running a single 38” 4K monitor.

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Good news! The Mac Pro's are broken down to four different groups/models. You elected the general heading not the discreet model.


Hi Dan. When I drilled down to the model-specific page I didn’t see any way to post in the forum — just tear downs and tools. I’ll try looking again.


You needed to be in the Fix your Stuff > Answers Forum to post a question. I think you were in the Repair Guides instead. Not to worry, if you click on the system icon to the left you'll get to the guides & teardown for the selected model.


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Can you tell us which config you got, also how many ports do you need?

One of the issues you face is the limits of PCIe lanes. While you can bridge additional lanes off of the core lanes you can get into lane contention issues! So you can loose performance if you are not careful!

How about making a drawing on what you want. Nothing fancy just block off each TB device and what it is. on the left column and then on the right what your system has in each slot now. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

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