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Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The 15-p is more difficult to service then later 15-x models.

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Does the motherboard 766715-501 have a replaceable CPU.

I was thinking of upgrading my pcu with an intel Xeon X5650 and was planning on getting an external graphics card as well. Can I do it??

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CPUs are soldered in these - Intel and AMD. Most laptops made after 2013 are soldered since the PGA option has fallen out of favor.

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In addition to that, processors like the mobile Xeon are reserved for high end multi-thousand-dollar mobile workstations like the Zbook, Precision and P series; not entry level models like the 15-p. These things need a Xeon capable PCH and are often as thick as the old Pentium 4 laptops from the WinXP era and have the cooling to match due to the TDP of the CPUs and GPUs they use.
Yes, the performance of a Zbook with a Xeon/AMD FirePro (ISV certified Radeon) is a huge step in the high end, but you’re gonna pay for it new, and to a degree used. Personally, I’d LOVE to take home a 4K (95% sRGB or DCI-P3) Xeon/FirePro Zbook 15/17 (I’d be able to go either way, but 17>15. It's a brick no matter what, so go all in and go Zbook 17) at EliteBook pricing too, but it isn’t easy — it’s gonna have a problem like an unknown BIOS password at those prices.

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