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The XP-410 features the latest in wireless standards, plus Wi-Fi Direct1. And, it supports Apple® AirPrint™ and Google Cloud Print™. Built-in card slots,a 2.5" LCD and convenient touch panel make it easy to print borderless, customized photos in various layouts, PC-free.

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What Ribbon Cable To Buy

NOTE: I actually have the Epson Express XP-310 but it wasn’t listed so i chose 410.

There’s a White Ribbon Cable that splits into two and connects to the ink cartridge tray. Well, one of the ends tore off rendering the whole cable useless and i don't know where to buy another cable like it or what kind I need. Anyone know? I cant afford to buy a whole new printer nor do i really want to just for something minor like this. I’ve attached pictures to help out.

Block Image

- the white ribbon cable with [i think] its serial number

Block Image

- the two split ends

Block Image

- the two ports where the ends connected to the tray

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Can you update your question with more information about where the ribbon cable is located and with pictures of it?

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Hmm, it would seem “Bob’s your uncle” as the say in the UK…

or maybe this much costlier one not sure…

I would measure mine before ordering though.

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