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What size are the screws for this laptop?

My laptop has been losing screws over time and now I only have 4 left out of 9 and feel like it’s going to fall apart! I have been trying for a while to replace them but have struggled to find the size or somewhere that specifically sells these screws that’s available in Australia or ships to Australia.

Could someone tell me the size of the screws for the ASUS Zenbook UX303L? I know the centre screws are shorter than the rest. I think I need the thread length, head thickness, head diamater and drive type.

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Hi @maddysims39 ,

Here’s an image showing the screw sizes and part numbers of the screws for an Asus UX303L.

Search online using the Asus part number only in the search term if you have trouble finding them otherwise.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this isof some help.

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Thanks for this! But do you know which screws from that list are the ones I need (at the base of the laptop)? From the images none of these look like they will fit, as it is a 6 pointed star



The screw head is called "torx" and the screws are metric. All standard stuff.

The replacement screws do not have to be torx. Phillips head is fine.

The first number is the diameter, the second the threaed pitch and final the length

For example M2 x1.25x30 reads 2mm diameter (bolt part not head), 1.25mm thread pitch and 30mm in length.

As for your length just measure the length of one of your 4 screws you have left.

Australia is metric, as most countries are, so you should have no trouble buying them there.

When I did a Google Australia search for "metric screws australia" there were quite a few locations listed such as:

etc., etc.

Let us know how you go mate.


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