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Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwashers can be identified by model number WDF750SAYM0, WDF750SAYM1, or WDF750SAYM2.

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Why is my display reading 1H and flashing occasionally?

I have. Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner 3

Model # GU2400XTPQ7

Age unknown for sure

Ran a regular cycle like always last night, this evening when I come home the display is reading 1H and blinking every once and a while. When I tell it to cancel, it starts running a two minute cycle but doesn’t sound like it’s producing any water. I ran a regular cycle to try to clear it. Dishes were wet by the end, so it can produce water, but the 1H came right back after the cycle.

How doi do I fix this, or is the machine just toast?

Update (03/11/2020)

Model # GU2400XTPQ7

New update:

I did the sani-rinse/heated dry combo and it worked temporarily.

it gave me the code d3, and did a countdown from 7, flipping through different settings until it turned off. However about 7 hours later it randomly kicked on for about 1 minute with nothing on the display and just now the 1H was back on the display even though no one has touched it.

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Hi @kallile ,

Check if there is a "tech sheet" taped behind the dishwasher's kickboard (toe panel?)

If there is it may help you to narrow down to what the problem may be.


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Hi @kallile ,

Did you try pressing the Cancel/Drain button to clear the code?

Here’s an image taken from the user manual that describes Delay Start

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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@kallile we really need to know what model this is. the H1 could possibly be an 1H which could make this a 1Hour delayed start. In the meantime try a reset and see if that changes anything. This should work for your machine:

  • Crack the door open by about 2 -3 inches
  • Press the "Sani Rinse," "Heated Dry," "Sani Rinse" and "Heated Dry" buttons on the control panel in quick sequence to enter diagnostic mode.
  • Close the dishwasher door and engage the door latch.
  • Wait 10 seconds before pressing the "Cancel" button to reset your dishwasher.

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