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Troubleshooting and Repair for the 32" 1080P LG 32CS560 LCD TV.

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Can not turn on by remote control?

Standby switch/light is on. Press remote control to turn on; green light is on, but for just a second, then off to red standby. After this no more green light when press remote control.

Unplug power cable and replug, same thing like above?

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It’s probably dead..


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Don't know the TV but has the TV got any button controls on it, such as Power On/Off, Vol Up/Dn, Menu, Input etc?

If so try removing the batteries from the remote control unit and check if you can turn on the TV OK when using the TV controls and not the remote.

If this works OK test the remote control using a digital camera or the camera in a mobile phone to make sure that it is working OK.

Turn on the camera or start the camera app in the phone and then point the end of the TV remote that is normally pointed towards the TV, towards the camera lens so that you see it in the camera’s or phone’s LCD screen.

Press a button on the remote and you should see a light flashing at the end of the remote when looking at it in the LCD screen.

Try pressing the Power button on the remote and make sure that the light goes on and off when the button is pressed and released.

Make sure that there is no light showing when NO button is being pressed.

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jayeff, looks like you know TV; there is button panel underneath;

I used it about a month ago with VCD, HTML devices, worked fine.

Then a week ago wanted to turn it on but failed.

Checked already the main power button, it was always on, could not turn it off. Press it results exactly like press the remote, green light on for a second, off and everything dies, red and no more reception!

So you mean try the IR light by mobile phone camera? Never thought anything like this!


@fixthejunks ,

Pressing the TV buttons was only to find out if the problem was with the remote only (sticking button continuous signal etc) but it looks like the problem is with the TV.

Yes, you can see the remote's IR LED flashing when a button is pressed by looking at it via the LCD screen of a digital camera. Mobile phone cameras are digital. Most everyone has a mobile phone but maybe not a digital camera so that's why I say to try either just to cover both possibilities. Its a good way to know if the remote is working or not, at least you can find out by doing it this way. This only works for remotes with IR LEDs as there are other remotes for different appliances that use wireless so obviously......

I'm trying to find a service manual so I can help you further



OK I found the service manual.

Here's a link to the power up boot check troubleshooting flowchart which may help.

It looks like the TV is starting and then shutting down again so going through the flowchart is the way to go.

The TV is registering the standby voltage OK as there is a red LED at normal

You could also try a software update and see if that works. It's mentioned in the flowchart.

IMPORTANT -If you want to try this when you click on the link scroll down to find the Software File(Version 03.20.12) and click on the 'Reference" link on the right hand side and ensure that your model is listed as you can "brick" the TV if the incorrect software is loaded.

Also if the TV software is already the same version as the download version it won't install even if the model is compatible

There is also an instruction guide there as well that shows how to do the software update


First I want to comment on "remote controls ", mostly after years of service, the lights are all dimmed or even not noticeable; but it still works.

This model is rather old; I connected a Linux Dongle to HDMI port; the last time I shared wifi from a Samsung phone, streaming news from YouTube. It worked right, even though the large screen apoeared nit real sharp due to resolution limits.

As I wanted to switch my working station to this TV, I had used few android applications to run tests on the screen, test if screen can be divisioned into smaller windows. The reading is when input text files, the alphabets are not too clear due to resolution problem. The whole text had shadows.

Suddenly it won't turn on!


More comment: it may be worthy to check for software update;

I want if having the time to open the case, check if the button panel has any worn out or comes loose?

See that, at these same times, my other Telefunken TV had the same remote problem;

While watching TV, a loud pop sounded and the TV was down; for several times. The remote light was out too.

However, a few times the lights turned back on like normal;

The final time it was out, I opened the case, the button panel was a little loose; the plastic guide was fractured?

This is why I want to fix may be the same problem!


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