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HP released this ergonomic laptop (model number 15-au123cl) in October 2016. It features Windows 10 and a touch screen.

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Network Card golden pins came off of both wires

So the two golden pins you mention on step 7 on removing the network card, came off of the the wires that are labeled 1 and 2. To put them back in place into the pins do I put some glue or do I pinch the pins onto the wire?

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Hi @hpbrian ,

The pins are actually co-axial cable connectors which connect the 2 wires (signal wire and shield) in each of the cables to the connector on the WLAN card.

Because it is an electrical circuit “gluing” will not work (it needs to be soldered or crimped properly) and “pinching” the wire means that you won’t get to the inner conductor of each cable.

If the connectors are not connected properly to the wires as far as an electrical circuit is concerned i.e. no resistance joint and no connection between the two wires in each cable then the WiFi will have diminished performance as far as distance from the network access point and stability of the WiFi connection

The best DIY solution is to replace the WLAN antenna cables.

Here’s a link to the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage.

Scroll to p.65 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the WLAN cables. Also at the top of p.65 you will find the part numbers for the cables.

If you search online using the part numbers only in the search term of your browser you will get results for suppliers of the part.

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You may need the LCD back cover for exact match antennas with this. A lot of consumer HPs are like that - or the antennas on their own are cost prohibitive.

Thankfully the part is readily available and shouldn't be that expensive.


Hi @nick ,

Thanks for the input.

Learning all the time. ;-)



@jayeff HP doesn't just sell the antennas for this - just the back. Sometimes they just sell the antennas, but it's almost always about as much to change the back as a assembly.

856325-001 (dual antenna) or 859652-001 (single antenna). The OP needs to check if they have the Realtek (traditionally 1x1) or Intel (traditionally 1x2), but it likely needs the dual antenna back since that sounds like the AC3160. But because there are two backs mentioned, the OP needs to double check. The card that I see is EOL is the 2.4G single antenna Realtek - I suspect HP is using an NGFF version for this laptop and they stopped supplying it due to Realtek killing off these 2.4G chipsets that were produced for way longer then they should have or it's an error since I see a CQ60 mention.

PartSufer says the 2.4G card is no longer supplied so depending on when the OP bought it, they probably have the AC3168. Usually it's Realtek or Intel with HP after 2011 due to the Ralink IP buyout. The clue is if it sees 2.4/5G or 2.4G only. The Intel card sees both and the Ralink doesn't.

If the OP has the EOL Realtek that may be a pain later on and they just want to do the Intel swap, the HP Spare# is 863934-855. It DOES REQUIRE the dual antenna back though.


Hi @nick ,

As I said, learning all the time,



@jayeff And this kind of nonsense is why I don't like HP Consumer hardware. What you end up with nightmare machines like this which are so iffy that you need to see the card to be sure and hope the OP knows what to provide photos of to identify which one is needed. Horrible service designs like the 15-p don't help.

It's pretty much billed as disposable with such insane parts purchasing issues. Thankfully the "1 and 2" clue was enough of a signal to suspect Intel AC3160, which has 2. That said, the single antenna back was provided as CYA.


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