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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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My motherboard has failed!

I have found this motherboard is way beyond repair and one of the most unlucky chipsets and will not have fun reflowing many times over it's lifespan(GEFORCE GO 7600)

I would like to buy a parts one to steal it's motherboard and reflow that, transfer the left hinge(it's snapped) and get mine going, heck, replace the screws the old owner might have lost or HP never installed and keep the rest for parts

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You should make a guide for replacing the motherboard.


The machine was scrapped, i needed to replace the display back, the left hinge, the motherboard, it was going to take too much for such a bad laptop in general, even the Dell XPS with NVIDIA was better! HP knows they get too hot by default and fry up too, most of the HP's I have for parts with NVIDIA are 2.5 to 3 years old too! Simply put, even "unaffected" ones die the same way


this one happened to end up there for the reason all the others end up as parts:HP never acknowledged them as defective and they were NOT paying 500$ to fix garbage that would die in the same time, but I kept parts out of it, the back of the screen assembly is a really nice clipboard;)


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Here is a link for a replacement motherboard in good condition.

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I have a intel one, centrino duo one


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