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Replaced ALL dryer heating elements- still blows cold air

I have a Kenmore dryer model 110.61202013. I’ve replaced the heating element, cycling thermostat, thermal fuse and thermostat within the last week. The dryer blew out hot air for 60 seconds after the dryer was put together. Washed a load of towels- the dryer started back blowing cold air. What possibly went wrong within an hour after replacing the parts?

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The timer contacts might not be making. I believe it’s Black wire to blue wire on timer. You can test it with a multimeter set for ohms. Unplug the dryer. This is not a voltage test so the dryer can not be plugged in. Remove the back panel to the console. There should be a wiring diagram. Turn the dryer timer to a heat cycle. Find the two terminals and remove the blue wire. Now check the blue to the black. You should get a reading. Turn the knob to off and check again. You shouldn’t have a reading.

If you don’t have a reading when the timer is set to heat, then your timer is bad.

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Tough one. The first thing I would check is the wall outlet. You possibly have one leg hot and the other not.

Here’s a video on how to do this:

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@mayer, the voltage tested okay. I’m stumped- the dryer vent apparently is vented through the roof- from where I can reach, I don’t see Amy lent. Could that be the issue? The manufacturer sent new parts and suggested to install the new parts and allow it to run longer


Let's see if the expert @ladytech can help on this one.


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Have you checked that both the heater element connecting wires part #15 bulkhead parts are OK and not corroded etc and are secured and not loose, you didn’t say?

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@jayeff, the wires looked fine- but honestly I didn’t look at them in detailed. I allowed the dryer to run for a minute or so after installing the parts. It worked fine. Between turning it off and back on to dry some towels it was blowing cold air again.


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