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49cc 2T Engine suddenly started to Bog


so I have a 49cc keeway hurricane 2T and it’s been running fine for 3years no problems, today I was driving down the road with a passenger on the back (fully loaded) and my engine suddenly looses all power and cuts off, I let her cool off and she drove perfectly for another couple kilometers and then it happend again but this time there was no passanger.

ive checked everything, spark plug, fuel tubes, oil levels, cleaned the air filter and nothing works, just seems to be getting weaker and weaker the more I drive her to test if I’ve fixed it, I took out a tubing that was making less air get to my engine and that did nothing, I Thought I kinda knew my 2T engines well but this problem has been driving me crazy all day! Any mechanics here that can point me in any direction would be massive!


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I am not sure as my 2 stroke skills are very old. That said I would suspect your coil (magneto) is going bad.

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Thanks for the reply! I will check the spark plug tomorrow I gave it a poke today and it was full of oil and dirt so hopefully a clean up will fix it! I have a keeway hurricane 49cc and it’s in the most awkward position under the bike I’ll need some strange shaped tools to get it out but it will be done! Thanks for the input! Will update you tomorrow


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