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Repair guides and disassembly information for HP's professional line of laptops, the EliteBooks.

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{Elitebook 745 g3} boot failure

hi team!

i have an elite book here that won’t boot. its process is as follows

HP Logo for half second >>>>> Blank screen (Backlight only) for 5-10 seconds >>>>> HP logo for 5-10 seconds >>>>> Spinning Loading dots for 5-10 seconds >>>>> Screen goes off, but device maintains power, as the fan spins.

The device won’t boot to bios

I have tried the following;

New Drive: Same issue

Removed battery: Same issue on AC power

Each Ram individually: Same issue

Any assistance in locating the fault would be much appreciated. The owner of the laptop says this happened after an update from windows.

Thankyou All

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Hi @phonesandbones ,

Try a complete power refresh.

Hopefully after this you can at least boot into BIOS. Loading the OS may be another problem.

You probably know most of this but thought that I would write it out for any others experiencing the same problem, who see this in the future and don’t know ;-)

Here’s the procedure:

Turn off the laptop if on.

Switch off and disconnect the AC adapter if connected.

Remove the main battery from the laptop.

Disconnect the RTC battery from the laptop.

While the RTC battery is disconnected, measure the voltage of the RTC battery. It is a non-rechargeable battery. If it is <2.6V replace it. They mostly only last 5-7 years and usually the first signs of them being a problem is a reset date and time message on startup but it can also affect the startup/boot process as the BIOS can get corrupted. The part number for the battery is 665733-001. If you search online using the part number only you will get results for suppliers of the part. It is only a CR2032 lithium battery but it is encased and has leads attached rather than sitting in a battery holder mounted on the motherboard as it is on other motherboards.

Press and hold the laptop’s power button for 30 seconds to discharge any residual power from the motherboard and then release the button.

This procedure should restore the BIOS to its’ default values and clear any corrupted settings which may be preventing the laptop from starting correctly.

Reverse the procedure and try to start the laptop.

Here’s a link to the maintenance and service guide for the laptop.

In there you will find the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedures to remove/replace the main battery and the RTC battery.

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