one of the gears inside of the helicopter broke

bough this for my nephew, but he was never able to use it.

the helicopter has 2 gears that are exactly the same, one of them broke and doesnt let the helicopter work correctly. i was thinking i could 3d print a new one, but i dont have the expertise to make a 3d model of the one that works correctly, i do have the size and pictures/scans of the small gear, is anyone here able to help me make a 3d model of this gear so i can print it? or otherwise know of a way i can replicate a very small gear if i have a working one?

edit: this is the gear that is working fine:

Block Image

Block Image

it measures 6.5mm, the bigger wheel,

the smaller one is, 3mm

and the axis hole is 1mm aprox

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@maelstromd post some pictures of what you need and what you have going on with those gears. That way we can see what you see. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


@oldturkey03 added images and size of the gear, hope that helps... i didnt add images of the broken gear because i dont see the point in it, but it's basically the same as this one but with some teeth from the inner and outter gear missing.... the teeth are so broken that it doesnt even turn....


i was thinking about doing a mold of the gear and then use some plastic on the mold to make a replica, but the gear is so freaking small im not sure the mold would be made properly... anyone got expertise doing molds?


just in case the image is not clear, it's only 1 gear, but has 2 sets of teeth to intersect 2 gears that need to be connected.


@maelstromd now lets see what we can find.


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