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Released in May 2018, identified by model number X410ULMG.

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There is a part on my phone that I need to identify and then take off

I am in the middle of replacing my touch screen/digitizer with frame. I am getting ready to put the phone back together except I noticed a part that is on my old phone that I am sure needs to be transfered to the new assembly., The part is a chrome circle with two tiny gold springs above it. It looks like one of those button cell batteries. It's just to the right of the rear camera. I need to know what it does and how to take it off


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marcbugge it'll be a lot easier if you post a couple of pictures of this mystery part with your QUESTION.

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Judging by the repair guide posted here on iFixit, the part you’re referring to would be the vibrate motor. In my experience, use some heat from either a heat gun or hair dryer to warm it up a bit to soften the adhesive. Gently pry up on the circle disk itself, not the springs, with a spudger and it should come free.

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