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Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

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My fridge has stopped producing ice

Hi, my fridge freezer has stopped producing ice. Water is still dispensing and the ice tray is rotating and trying to dump ice - problem is there is no ice to dump!

My freezer is set at -15 so I am not too sure what the problem is?

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What is the make and model number of the refrigerator?

Is that -15 deg F or -15 deg C?

Normally freezers are set for 0 F or -18 C and refrigerators are set for 37 F or 3 C

Have you checked the temp in the freezer with a thermometer to verify what the temp is actually is? (check the temp in the refrigerator section as well)


-15 celcius. Its a kenwood ksbsdix16

I got a hairdryer on the tray and some ice was there the next day. Not a lot though and nothing since



Is there any water flowing into the ice maker?

Don't know your model but usually there is a sensor or lever that operates to allow water to enter the ice maker and be frozen.

The ice maker may also have a test button that when pressed should dispense the ice (if any) and then refill the ice maker with water


No water is entering the ice maker...

There is a ice on/off button but when I press it I can't hear anything.


Please give us your exact model number so we can give you a better answer.


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Hi @ SG1,

Looking at the parts for your model it has a water inlet solenoid valve assembly that has two outlets so perhaps it has two valves. One for the water dispenser and one for the ice maker.

If there are two solenoid valves in the assembly, (the wiring seems to suggest that there is) then since the ice tray is not filling with water you need to check if the solenoid is operating to allow water to fill the tray when it is empty and if not whether it is an electrical problem i.e. no power to operate the valve coil or open circuit valve coil or perhaps the solenoid valve is mechanically faulty.

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Is there ice left? If not, refill it.

If there is ice, take it all out and have a look, it may have got blocked, or ice was simply blocking the dispenser. Normally putting the ice back in vertically will help.

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There Might Be An Ice Cube Stuck Where The Hopper Collects the ice to dispense

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