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The E FUN Nextbook Flexx 10 (Model # NXW101QC232) is a Windows-based tablet with a 10.1" screen, 1.8GHz Intel ATOM Quad-Core Processor, 2GB DDR3L, and 32 GB onboard storage.

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How do I reset the BIOS on Nextbook NXW10QC32G?

Prior to the closing of DuBois Business College a student was given this Nextbook NXW10QC32G for schooling. After a period of time this student turned in the Nextbook and quit school. No one knew this until recently that they had set the BIOS password and turned it in without letting anyone know. I know there are manufacture passwords for issues like this but I have not been able to find one that works. Is there any way to reset the BIOS on this Nextbook so I can be used again? Thank you for your time.

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I recommended you to look at this page


Hello my Nextbook flexx 11 Windows 10 is stuck at startup either on the screen: nextbook and either if I press the esc key it wants to go to the bios but remains stuck on: Esc is pressed Go to boot options

Impossible to continue or to put a usb boot key or external dvd drive with dvd windows install, it does not start them

How to repair

Thank you


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Hi @kellian ,

Did you mean that the tablet’s BIOS is password protected or that the tablet has a OS login password, which is unknown, that needs to be reset?

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to reset the tablet to its’ factory default condition so that it can be used again.

If you did mean the the BIOS is password protected, what settings need to be accessed in BIOS?

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As soon as I turn it on it asks for the password. I don't even get to Windows. They set the BIOS Administrator Password.


Hi @kellian ,

There's not much info on Nextbook BIOS so can only suggest that you open the tablet and disconnect the battery for about an hour (also hold down the Power button for a minute or so after the battery has been disconnected) to dissipate any power in the tablet which may be holding the BIOS settings.

Hopefully this may restore "all" the BIOS settings to their default value.

Also look for any "jumpers"or contact points on the systemboard which may say RTC or RTCRST which you may be able to temporarily remove, short out etc to reset the BIOS. With the battery removed it shouldn't cause too much of a problem by doing this.

Unfortunately I cannot find a teardown video for your model tablet,

Here's a link to the ifixit Nextbook Flexx 10 battery pack replacement guide which may be of some help in opening your tablet.

You don't have to remove the battery pack, simply disconnect it from the systemboard.


Hi @jayeff thanks for the info. I was hoping not to have to take it apart but it looks like I have no other choice.


Pulling the battery did the trick. Thanks again.


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