Control panel says freezer is -9 when its really 20

Hi guys,

I have a roughly 4 yr old GE side-by-side refrigerator.


My issue is that the freezer side is 20 degrees (measured with a real thermometer) when the front control panel says the actual temp is -9. I have it set at 0 but the freezer continues to hover between 15-25 (real temp) and the “actual temp” on the panel is always saying -9. The fridge side seems to be fine at 37.

I have replaced the following:

Control Board

Defrost Sensor and Thermostat

Second thermistor on right side of freezer

Defrost Heater

Evaporator Fan Motor

Cleaned condenser coil

…but nothing has fixed the issue. It still does the above.

Any ideas? Please help!

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Hi @scott_y ,

Does the fridge temp on the display read 37 or is that what a thermometer placed in the fridge is reading?


So currently the temp on the display for the fridge side reads 36 but the thermometer I placed inside reads 30.


Hi Jayeff, are you thinking I might have a bad Interface?


Hi @scott_y ,

I was wondering about that especially if the display's freezer actual temp never changes.

It seems as though the freezer is not cold enough and the fridge is too cold. This could be caused by the control board trying to drive the temp down to the set temp and never getting there as far as the freezer is concerned and this is impacting on the fridge temp

Maybe you should check the display freezer actual temp (not the set temp) when the fridge/freezer is in auto defrost mode, i.e. compressor stopped for a long time approx 20 minutes as the temp in the freezer should rise to 32 F or nearly there to aid in defrosting the evap unit.

Auto defrost occurs once every 8-12 hours depending on maker. I don't know about yours but perhaps you may know how to force an auto defrost cycle somehow using the controls on the display so you don't have to wait for it to happen

Use a thermometer in the freezer as well to confirm temp.

If the display doesn't change at all or very little then there is a problem with its' control board as you've changed all the sensors in the freezer


Thanks @jayeff ,

I'll give this a try, however the control board is brand new – I replaced it myself...

I was thinking could it be the actual interface/control panel?


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