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The Lenovo Yoga 2 13" can convert from laptop to tablet, tent, or stand mode with hinges on the side. It was released in January 2014.

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USB ports are not working

They stopped working after I connected some bracelet charger and power pins got in contact (short circuit), Laptop gone off and when I power it back none USB works, I tried everything, all software things and removing battery and putting it back.

I guess some USB chip is dead?

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Hi @nemanjam291,

More likely you blew the power supply circuit that is supplying the USB ports.

Try connecting a USB mouse or any USB device that shows that power is being supplied e.g. red laser light on USB mouse or mobile phone indicating it is being charged.

If there is no indications then the power is not there.

Open the laptop and check if you can find the motherboard board number.

Once you know that, search online for a schematic for the motherboard using the board number only e.g. search for (insert board number) schematic or perhaps (insert board number) wiring diagram.

If you’re lucky and one is available online it will be of great help in locating and repairing the problem.

Here’s a link to the laptop’s hardware and maintenance manual that may help with gaining access to the motherboard.

If this seems too daunting, contact an authorized Lenovo laptop repair service and ask for a quote to repair the laptop, as they may have access to the schematics etc if they aren’t publicly available.

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