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Buzzing noise in my dryer

My maytag dryer is about 2 years old is making a buzzing noise when it is first started but it stops after about 10 minutes of running. It still heats properly and otherwise has no issues. Any thoughts on what this could be?

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This is usually caused by a failing motor. I’d run it till it quits or starts smelling. If you give us your model number we can probably direct you to the correct part so you can work it into your budget.

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If you can get the cover off and run the dryer it may be easier to locate the noise. (almost everything has cover removal instructions videos on YouTube these days) If you can get a few feet of hose, then it’s possible to hold one end of that hose to your ear while carefully moving the other end to the possible sources of the noise. When the hose is on top of the noise it will be obvious as you listen into the other end. Just be careful not to entangle the hose, fingers, clothing, jewelry, or hair in moving parts.

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