Why has my screen started blinking?

Before you jump to the same generic “have you tried restarting, hard resetting, taking out the battery, etc.” please know the following:

  • The calculator, as far as I know, has not suffered any physical / liquid / electrical damage and has not run any 3rd party software (ASM programs).
  • One day, the screen simply started blinking upon powering it on.
  • Attempting to reset (holding down reset indent in back) simply powers the calculator off.
  • Quick-pressing the reset button halts the screen flickering for less than a second, but then returns to flickering.
  • Conducting the hard reset ([2nd][del] held, pressing and releasing reset indent) causes the screen to remain solid white, even after releasing the keys.
  • No other keys or key combinations appear to impact the displayed white.


  • The calculator is not recognized by Connect-CE in any of the above states.
  • Plugging in the calculator automatically turns it on to the flashing screen.
  • The backlight appears to be at the max (default-available) brightness.
  • Attempting to send anything (including OS) from another TI-84+ce via USB-miniB (cable from box) turns charging indicator green briefly, before fading to orange and turning off.
  • The charging indicator shutting off in the above coincides with the working calculator throwing “ERROR: Error in Xmit” which is the same error that occurs when no receiving calculator is connected.
  • I have tried switching the cable’s orientation (A-B and B-A) and can assure you that the cables were plugged in completely. No change.
  • Finally, I interchanged batteries between the working and unusable calculators, both worked in the functional device, but neither effected the flickering on the calculator in question.

I appreciate any advice you can give and would be happy to test and report further information should it help this cause. I have yet to open the calculator (due to tiny star screws used) but am open to the idea as soon as I track down a corresponding screwdriver.

Just to summarize, this once $120 calculator became a temperamental flashlight for reasons beyond my understanding. ;)

[Edit] I just wanted to add that I have taken a look at TheLastMillenial’s Ti-84 + ce troubleshooting guide, among others, with no success.

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Wow, fantastic question! Thank you so much for including so much information and trying so many troubleshooting techniques! I just have one small question, how old is your calculator? If you look on the back, what does the date code say? (I boxed it's location in red: https://i.imgur.com/1U35TRS.png ) I don't have an answer off the top of my head however, I'll get back to you after I've done some research!



I guess I should have posed this question sooner, but it became a relic for another time. I can’t give an exact date, but I’d estimate it began flickering about a year and a half ago.

Thank you for taking interest!

[Edit] Assuming I understand the date code correctly, the calculator was about 2-3 years old.


Thank you! I did some research and I think your only hope of getting it working again is trying the [2nd]+[del] +reset combination. I know you stated you already tried it, however it can't hurt to try it a few more times. Try it with the calculator connected to the computer and try it without it connected. If it continues to not work then I really don't know what's wrong. Maybe your FLASH got corrupted somehow but TI didn't implement any way of fixing it besides the [2nd]+[del]+reset combination.


Unfortunately, repeating this task hasn’t visibly effected it. I had an inkling that the calculator’s memory may have become corrupted (for lack of another explanation) but it’s good to at least have your second opinion.

If you have any other suggestions, I’d be happy to try them out. Otherwise, I’ll be testing software to hopefully reformat the calculator. It’s continued response to USB power input gives me a bit of hope with this approach.

Again, thank you!


I'm really sorry I wasn't able to help. How do you plan on reformatting the calculator?


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