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Milwaukee Tool Battery charger kaput

Does anyone have schematic or info on fixing a Milwaukee Power Plus universal tool battery charger 9.6-18 volt? Model (cat no) is 48-59-0245. Any version of 48-59 will help. I’d rather fix it then go E-baying else I update!  Two views, same board.  Fuse is good, no caps are expanded.

Block Image

Block Image

BTW, I have two of em shot. The company is classic mute on the subject.

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Added the pics and for me that was quite a trick!  Thanks for the looksee.


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Bill G  remove the top case and take some good pictures of the circuit board. There should be a 3.5A fuse on the board as well as some capacitors that have a tendency of bulging.

Block Image

Let’s see what your board looks like by posting your pictures with your QUESTION Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

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