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The JBL Charge 2+ made by JBL is the second generation of the JBL Charge brand.

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Battery not holding juice and sound crackles/breaks at high volume.


My JBL Charge 2 + Splashproof has been with me for about 2 years now.

Its a great product and still fits my needs. However, right now I have noticed that it does not hold a full charge at all. The battery indicator starts at 60% (the top 4 lights are stable, the fifth blinks) even when the battery is completely drained.

The sound also crackles and breaks at high enough volume and the speaker just turns off indicating that there isn't enough battery left. I have also noticed a faint buzz or hum in the speakers when this happens.

Please let me know if this is a circuit board issue or a battery issue so that I know what to replace.

Thank you.

Update (10/26/2019)

Yup, Turns out the battery is 1.5 times its normal size. It looks "puffed".

I disconnected it from the speaker and put it in my drawer. I’m keeping the puffed battery until I find the right one because I will need to match the polarity and specifications of the replacement. Any leads on where I can find it in Guangzhou, China?

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Muneeb Fazal best bet for that would be something like Search for a Gsp1029102R

Specs for the battery :

Capacity 6000mAh

Voltage 3.7V

Maximum charging voltage 4.2V

Dimension 97mm X 30mm X 19mm


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Muneeb Fazal  all of this “sound also crackles and breaks at high enough volume ” can be a sign of a bad battery. Start with a replacement then re-evaluate. JBL Charge 2 Plus Battery Replacement

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Block Image

Here's the battery I went with if you hook it up and it won't charge or starts to beep just need to change the polarity by switching red and black wires. Can push out with paper

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