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Device not powering on

So, I’m looking for any answers to shed some light on this…

I have an iPhone 6s and back in April upon charging it with a power bank… with a battery case whilst I was sleeping (I know, dumb idea. The power bank does shut off after the device is fully charged).

So I wake up to my alarm as normal and I was replying to a message also at the time. After I saw it was fully charged, I immediately unplugged it from the power bank, and to my surprise, the screen just blacked out completely. The phone became unresponsive to buttons pressed, chargers plugged in etc… not a sign of life.

The phone hasn’t been touched until a few weeks ago. I was 100% certain that the battery had just fried itself, so I got myself a replacement battery and tested it, nothing. But… having the charger plugged in, I can feel the electricity run through the phone on the back of the phone, like static, but nothing on the display. I’ve tried another display from a parts phone and still nothing. I’m running out of options here and there is some valuable data that I’m not 100% sure was backed up to iCloud.

Any advice / help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried to connect it to iTunes to see if it recognizes it? it sounds as tho something via the mobo got shorted! hopefully that’s not the case!

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Doesn’t seem to detect it via USB yet alone iTunes. Chances are it has shorted something via the motherboard. I’ve left it overnight using an iPad charger to see if anything happens. The battery is still good as far as I know. May remove the battery from it and try it in the spare phone I have to see if it powers.


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