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Just replaced Screen: Touch is not working.

I ordered a new screen for my one plus 6. I followed all the steps to replace the screen (without frame). It is powering on just fine however, the touch of my display does not seem to be working. Did I mess up somewhere or is the new screen faulty?

Update (09/21/2019)

After looking over the new display. There seems to be a bump underneath the digitizer. As well as what seems to be a small tab of tape directly put on it.

Block Image

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Does the old screen touches if you put it back. Make sure that the Lcd connectors are clean and not damage in any way. I would compare my old Lcd with the new to make sure it looks exactly the same. This means all small components on the actual lcd and not the outer part. Verify to make sure there are not other versions of Lcd for your model for sale. If you do all then maybe you do have a faulty Lcd. I would purchase from another vendor so they don’t send the same. Hope this helps

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Could be a screen that was installed previously. I would return it and buy from another vendor

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