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Device repair and information for the Vizio D-series 50" LED television with model number D50n-E1.

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Can’t get rid of red vertical line on Vizio tv screen.

I have a permanent red line going down the left hand side of my Vizio TV . It’s there even when the tv is on but the screen is black. Model M70-C3

Here is a photo.

Block Image

i have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the cables to the tc board and the pressing at the cables going to the screen by the line both did nothing to change the line.

Pressing on the screen will make the line slightly fade for a split second or two but then the red line of pixels just comes back. The line also fades toward the bottom of the screen for the last 6 inches or so.

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I have a V series and I have this same issue except I have 4 lines. I got the tv free and I'm going to try this fix to see if it works.


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@amongiello that most certainly looks like a tab error. TAB is the way the very thin ribbon cable that enters your LCD panel from its control boar, is connected. Remove the back from your TV and find that cable on top of your panel. (Small ribbon cable the enters the panel right where the line is) Press on it. That will most certainly change the line. Problem is that you cannot really fix it. Sometimes wedging something between the housing of the TV and the top of the panel provides enough pressure. You’ll have to play around with it a bit to get the best point of pressure etc. If unsure post some pictures with your question so we can see what you see. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

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Hey @Oldturkey03, I'm wondering if it's possible to make this issue worse? I have a V series from 2019 and I have 4 lines. If I start pressing on the cables, will they disappear but reappear somewhere else? Would love to fix this as I got the tv free and that is literally the ONLY issue. I scored big time with this.


@FallenAnjel those lines should only be on one connection TAB. Your TV may have 4 or 5 of those and the lines can appear anywhere where the bonding corrodes etc. but it would not be because of your repair attempts. Go for it and give it a try


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Remove the cover of the TV and find the ribbon wire that supplies the LCD of your screen. Clean it with a contact cleaner for possible lose contact. Then try to turn on the TV. Most cases lost contact is the cause of that line.

After checking for possible lose contact but the problem still appear, that is more likely the T-CON Board was partially defective. You can replace the t-con board whole assembly. That is available now in the market.

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