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My iPhone 6s stays stuck on progress bar/white apple screen

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After years of not updating to the new IOS, I’ve finally decided to do so and then my iPhone 6s stays stuck with the progress bar 1cm away from its completion. I’ve kept it on all night and same result, as if it freezes every time.

I didn’t get a chance to backup all of my photos upon this occurring. I want to seek professional help and would rather pay, since I’m afraid I may mess things up.

What should I do? Is this issue repairable without my photos being lost?

Please help!

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Hello. Try to hard reset the phone by holding home and power buttons together. This may cancel the update or restart installation. If that works, backup all your photos and other data. Then you can try updating it though iTunes on a computer, or connect the phone to iTunes and restore it and you will be able to restore the backed up files and have the phone updated too. Hopefully this works.

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Yes, I did exactly what you said, by force restarting it. It only takes me back to square one, it does the same thing. I also took it to my friend’s repair shop and he turned it on and connected it to iTunes, it never loaded and stayed stuck on the progress bar.



You could restore it with iTunes by putting it in recovery/dfu mode but then your data is gone


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Don't do a restore just yet. Most iOS updates done through phone settings and get stuck are fixable by forcing an update through iTunes with the phone in recovery mode without losing data. Try getting your friend to force an update (retain user data) on there and not a restore that should fix this problem.

If the update fails with error -27 the phone must be restored and data can't be recovered without the use of a prior backup.

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