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Heater Cable plug melted

Cable plug melted from electric heater. I already replaced outlet but outlet plastic melted too. Should I replace cable plug and circuit breaker with higher amps to 20amps instead of 15amps?

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I think this will fix the problem if I replace the cable plug and circuit breaker with higher amps 20 amps, from 15 amps to 20 amps?


@superseed47 You just can't replace one breaker with another due to the existing wiring only being rated for the lower amperage ! The breaker is there not to protect your unit; it's there to protect your house wiring and this in turn prevents any electrical fires caused by overloading the circuit. Replacing the breaker with a higher amperage one is only increasing your chances of starting your home on fire. Fix malfunctioning heater as that is the cause of your problems!


@superseed47 This could be VERY dangerous. Obviously your heater is defective! Get it tested. Do you want to burn your house down?


Thanks for replied. I think I fixed it. I replaced the cable plug asy. and tested it. fixed. It was a loose outlet and old.


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Hi @superseed47 ,

You should get the heater tested as it may be drawing too much current from the outlet and this is causing the cable and the outlet cover to melt.

As @vertinhol says, check the model information label on the heater to find out the power specifications for the heater.

If for example it says that the power is 2400 W at 240VAC then this can be adequately and safely provided by the cable and the outlet in most correctly wired homes.

If the cable and outlet have melted it is more likely a problem with the heater.

The heater could become a dangerous fire hazard if you increase the cable rating and the current supply to the heater!

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Assuming that your house wiring and breakers are properly installed, you need to check the electric heater nameplate for more information, if you cannot find how many amps it draws then you can calculate it using the power consumption if it is written of course, you can do it easily in this website or send me the values and I’ll do it for you.

I don’t think that you need to replace your cable plug because it is designed to work properly, so what it actually happens is the outlet heated up first then by convection he transferred that heat to the cable which melted, but depending on the damage caused on the cable there is a possibility that you might change it, so can you send me some photos please.

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