Harman Kardon onyx only turning on while plugged in

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I've got a harman kardon onyx which is powering up with no issue trough AC Adaptor and working fine but when I disconnect the AC Adaptor it doesn't power up at all by the way battery charging with no issue and it has now around 70 percent of charge I can see the lights on the the device for battery and I can see the percentage in IOS remote App as well. Don't know why when I remove the AC adaptor it turn off and not powering up on battery mode.

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Update (08/26/2019)

I have Onyx JBL model and the battery charges with no problem the problem is when I disconnect the AC cable the Speaker turn off and doesn’t turn back on unless I connect the AC cable again and by the way when I turn back the AC cable again the battery didn't lost charge and continue charging from the point it was before I disconnect the AC cable.

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Hi @sradesign

Which Harman Kardon Onyx model do you have?


Hi @sradesign ,

Bit confused here.

Do you have an Onyx speaker or a JBL speaker?

Please provide the full model number of the speaker.


is Onyx JBL as I can find the model in internet but I just added a picture to my original question


Hi @sradesign ,

Yeah I found it now too, but it must be either a new model as it is not available where I am as I had to use your photo to find it or restricted to where it is sold in the world.

Finally found it by using the search " iPhone / iPad / iPod Harman / Kardon Onyx Black:"

If it is new (<12 months old) get it repaired under warranty.

If it is older you may have to find a way to open it and start checking the power from the battery when the AC is disconnected and see where the problem lies.

Sorry that I can't help further.


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